A University Student to be charged with Intimidation

It has been confirmed that a student at the University of Hartford in Connecticut was expelled and is now being charged in a law court. According to the charges filed at the law court, the lady is being accused of criminal mischief and expelling a roommate from a room that they shared. She then boasted about the incident. She said that she had contaminated some of the belongings of this lady such as face lotion and toothbrush. The student has been referred to Brianna Brochu who is 18-years old at the moment. She boasted on Instagram after the incident saying that she had managed to achieve a long-held goal which was to get rid of her dorm roommate. The roommate is known as Chennel Rowe. As for the defendant, she referred to Mr. Rowe using the title Jamaican Barbie. In the Instagram post, she mentioned a number of issues that she had been able to accomplish. For instance, she said that she used to spit in the coconut oil of the lady. She further narrated how she would drop clam dip into the lotions of the victims. She even went ahead to rub used tampons against the backpack of the lady. She concluded by calling the lady Jamaican Barbie and also saying that she would put the toothbrush of the plaintiff in an area where sunshine could not reach.

However, the post has been deleted. At the same time, police have confirmed that they have been investigating the issue since 18th October. They also confirmed that the defendant turned herself in on Saturday. Police yesterday confirmed that they had directed prosecutors to charge the lady with intimidation that is based on bigotry or bias. Therefore, this will be treated as a felony. The university later issued a statement saying that it had terminated her association with the lady. The president of the university Gregory S. Woodward confirmed that the lady would not be returning to the institution. The behavior was described by the victim in a Facebook video. At the same time, she mentioned that the school tried to silence her on the issue. She said that the post on Instagram helped her understand why she was always sick during her early days in school. She reported an extreme throat infection that made it difficult for her to sleep. She described her relationship with the roommate as tense. The two had been placed randomly.