Conserving the Environment in Mexico

The New York Times has learned that Mexico is building a new airport. The new infrastructure is being constructed as the Aztec’s great Lake Texcoco. Mexican officials have said that they will protect the environment as they construct the door to the world. As a matter of fact, the airport is being constructed using green technology. The officials in the country have confirmed that the design used in the construction will become the global reference when it comes to sustainability. Not only will the Mexican government construct the airport but it has also promised to rehabilitate the land surrounding the airport. However, when the project began two years ago, it looked like the Mexican government was going back on its promise. This is because some of the lands that had been left aside for the project was grabbed by some of the officials for personal use. As the project begins to shape today, most of the environmental promises that were made by the government have not been fulfilled. This brings about the issues of flooding and credibility according to analysts. An analyst with the National Autonomous University of Mexico Fernando Cordova Tapia says that there is a possibility that mistakes that have been done before related to water and land management are in the process of being repeated.

He is one of the initial analysts to have inspected the project. He said that the decision to hand over the land was the first indication that the Mexican government was walking away from its initial promise that involved environmental mitigation. However, the project and all it stands for has been defended by President Enrique Nieto. His office recently answered critics telling them that the project is supposed to improve the ecological situation in the area. At the same time, the office of the president said that the project would help rehabilitate an area that had already been degraded. Through the government initiative, it will be possible to create at least five new reservoirs and tunnels. This will be aimed at collecting runoff water in the area. National Water Commission released a statement the other day saying that constructions involving reservoirs would begin next year. On the other hand, reforestation in the area is already taking place. What environmentalists are worried about is the concern that the Mexican government is yet to issue a detailed report or account of what it wants to achieve. Some specialists oppose the plantation of cinder.