Is Mollie Tibbetts Hiding out with Another Man?

There is an incredible new theory about the Mollie Tibbetts case that could go to explain her disappearance. In case you haven’t heard, Mollie Tibbetts is a twenty-year old Iowa University student who has not been seen or heard from by anyone close to her since July 18th. Her disappearance has gained such national prominence that even the FBI has gotten involved.

What Her Father Believes

Mollie Tibbetts’ father has long speculated that Mollie has gone off with someone that she knows and that she is with that person either by choice or not. He has stated so in the media. Many were wondering if this could possibly be true given that she has now been missing for more than three weeks with no known communication with her family or her boyfriend. However, new evidence that has just surfaced continues to fuel speculation by some that this could be the case.

A New Facebook Account Sparks More Mystery

A new Facebook account under the Mollie Tibbetts name had some people very concerned that it might be possible that Mollie really was with another man. The account was created approximately a month ago (right around the time that she went missing), and it seems to be written as if it is in the voice of Mollie herself. The account goes on to say that she wants to be with the person that she has run away with, and that she is perfectly safe and that everyone should stop worrying about her.

This has made many wonder what is really going on. Some of the posts on this Mollie Tibbetts account are clearly written by someone else who is questioning why the public is so eager to take her away from him. It is a disturbing thing to read without a doubt.

Many believe that the account is nothing more than someone’s cruel idea of a joke, but it has definitely played into the narrative that is already out there about this case in some ways. Thus, many are saying that there could be more to this than meets the eye. Perhaps it is just someone pulling one over on the rest of us, but then again it could have more significance than what we realize. If this is true, then we definitely need to be alert to what might happen next. Law enforcement and the FBI have remained quite tight-lipped about a lot of what is going on.

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