John Carpenter Isn’t Interested In The Thing 2

John Carpenter’s name appears in the entertainment news section once again. The legendary director contributed his writing and musical talents to the new Halloween film. Halloween (2018) is looking at a $40 to $50 million opening weekend. Dollar figures that high won’t go unnoticed. If Carpenter’s name becomes hot again, he may soon field offers to direct again. Carpenter isn’t shy about his intentions. Carpenter went on record stating he wishes to direct again. He won’t, however, direct a sequel to 1982’s The Thing.

The Thing long rose to the level of a 1980’s cult classic. The outstanding sci-fi film, however, was a flop at the box office during its initial release. The ambiguous ending to the film left doors open for a sequel. Plans existed for special effects artist Rob Bottin to direct The Thing 2, but nothing happened. Eventually, a prequel to The Thing told the backstory to the events of the first film. The prequel wasn’t a big hit with fans though. The cult of The Thing continues to endure. A segment of fans wants a sequel. John Carpenter isn’t interested.

Carpenter brought up his age when asked about a sequel. He pointed out he wishes to direct a film appropriate for his age. The 70-year-old director doesn’t want to deal with the harsh and frigid conditions required to bring a new Thing movie to life.

Carpenter’s directorial career experienced ups and downs. A series of box office disappointments ended his hot streak. They Live resurrected his career as did the modest hit Prince of Darkness. Overall, Carpenter produced more misses than hits ticket-sales wise. Quality-wise, Carpenter’s movies were unfairly ignored by audiences. Unfortunately, the movie business isn’t always fair.

Regardless of what happened in the past, Carpenter will soon bask in the glory of the mega success of Halloween 2018. Will he parlay that success into a new directing gig?

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