Feet Of Snow Expected In Northeast

States in the northeastern area of the country are bracing for a severe snowstorm that has already barreled through the Midwest. Almost 1,000 flights have been canceled in Chicago and other cities because of the snow and wind. Several states have declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm including New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There will be restrictions on the types of vehicles that are allowed to be on the roads in some states once hazardous conditions begin.

Officials are warning that there won’t be mere inches of snow with the storm. Instead, people who live in the area and those who are traveling to the Northeast should be prepared for feet of snow. There could also be a significant amount of ice that builds on trees and power lines. Power outages are expected. Once the storm comes through, there will be a drastic drop in temperatures overnight on Sunday. Those who do lose power are encouraged to try to stay as warm as possible but in a safe way. People can use shelters if they are open if they don’t want to stay at home and risk losing power.

Interior areas of the Northeast are expected to receive more snow than areas along the coast. The storm turned deadly as it pushed through the Midwest, which is a fear for those who live in the northeastern areas of the country. There is a concern that plows on the roads won’t be able to stay on top of the snowfall as rates are expected to be quite high. Schools will likely be delayed for at least the first half of the week. Officials are encouraging people to stay indoors and stay off the roads so that plow crews can do their jobs and keep the roads as clear as possible for emergency workers until the storm passes.

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