Trump Tries to Distance Himself from His Conspiracy Theorist Pal Roger Stone

Roger Stone stands defiantly in a legal battle that may cost him his freedom. Stone likes to stir the political pot. He likes his “Dirty Trickster” image. And he loves Donald Trump. Trump and Stone think alike. Both men want to build a border wall along the Southern border. And both men want to change immigration laws so fewer people from Central and South America come to the United States.

But their relationship is not just about selective human rights and nationalist pride. Trump and Stone want to upend the political system. Trump wants to rule like he did on Celebrity Apprentice, and Stone wants to make sure he does. According to some news reports, Trump will overcome his stinging defeat at the hands of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. But Stone may not be that lucky after Special Counsel Robert Mueller finishes with him.

Mr. Stone claims he would never turn on his pal, Donald Trump. He would rather stand his ground and fight the seven Mueller charges that may change his future. But Trump isn’t as loyal as Stone thinks he is, according to a Mediaite report. Mr. Trump’s tweets over the weekend made it sound like Stone wasn’t that close to him during the 2016 campaign. Obviously, Rudy Giuliani will have something to say about the Stone arrest, but Trump set the tone for another confusing Giuliani performance by telling his voter base Roger Stone didn’t work for him near the Election.

According to Mueller’s court documents, Stone was the undercover man who let the Trump Organization know when the WikiLeaks would release the Russian hacked Clinton emails. Stone got his information about the WikiLeaks plan to expose the Clinton emails from another conspiracy theorist, Jerome Corsi. Corsi said he would cooperate with the Mueller investigation, but he changed his mind and sued Mueller instead. According to several news reports, Corsi could be the next person Mueller indicts.

A high-ranking Trump Organization official stayed connected to Stone while Roger tried to pinpoint the exact date WikiLeaks would release the emails.

Mr. Trump likes to call Mueller’s investigation a “Witch Hunt.” Mueller has indicted six high-ranking Trump campaign officials and 34 other people who had connections with the Trump campaign. So the investigation may be a witch hunt in Trump’s mind, but in Mueller’s mind, his investigation will prove the Trump Organization and possibly Trump himself worked with Russia to win the election.

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