Integrity of the Market America UnFranchise System

Market America Unfranchise

As UnFranchise Owner, you become the ambassador of the famed internet marketing company, promoting Market America’s products through your pipeline, encouraging your existing and potential customers to purchase its exclusive merchandise or its vendors’, and become lifelong patrons. The company’s product is the heart of your business that will define your success as UnFranchise Owner.

Upholding Product Standards

For the corporate leadership team, it’s of high importance to keep the Market America UnFranchise system intact. By doing so, they can ensure that the rest of us aspiring to be successful UnFranchise Owners still have a valuable and indispensable way to make money.

The Market America UnFranchise system, unlike other franchise systems, is product-oriented.

Market America Unfranchise
SHOP.COM Exclusive Brands

As UnFranchise Owner, you are not solely recruiting others to make some substantial money. You are also going to be moving products. You will encourage shoppers to purchase Market America’s merchandise by directly shopping from SHOP.COM or to trade what they have already purchased from other business entities for the products that Market America or its affiliates are offering instead.  

Other systems fail to account for the actual product, but Market America gives you the tools and the platform for product selling.

As UnFranchise Owner, you can take advantage of Market America’s platforms that generate residual income. To your customers who love to shop, Market America offers its groundbreaking platform called Shopping Annuity.

Shopping Annuity

market america shopping annuity

In the world of online shopping, smart shoppers have an edge over regular buyers. Through Market America’s SHOP.COM, they can earn money just by purchasing items on the site.

What makes Shopping Annuity different from the regular earn-from- purchases promotions is its simplicity. Shoppers do not need to reach a certain amount from items purchased to be able to quality. With the Shopping Annuity platform, shoppers can earn money from what they have already invested or spent on. And the earning potential is enticing, too. The Shopping Annuity platform makes it possible for shoppers to earn as high as 50% on cash back.

Shoppers can also trade their existing brands with those of Market America’s to benefit from the Shopping Annuity program to reach the highest percentage of cash back allowed. And if their brands could not be replaced by any of Market America’s exclusive brands, shoppers may be able to trade their purchased products with those from the company’s partner vendors. SHOP.COM has various vendors on the site with multiple options to choose from.

Market America also offers the Shopping Annuity assessment that can help shoppers identify the products which can be converted into earning opportunities.

But Shopping Annuity is not just for shoppers.

As UnFranchise Owner, you can use the Shopping Annuity program as a potent talking point in your marketing campaigns to help and build relationships with your potential customers.

High Tech Shopping

Market America UnfranchiseMarket America provides the ultimate shopping experience to shoppers by providing one shopping destination that gives them the ability to earn cash back – that is almost like buying a product for half of its retail price on a regular basis.

The Paid to Shop program even gives money back to shoppers through purchases of other shoppers that customers have referred.

How Exclusive are Market America’s Products?

Market America’s Products
Lumiere de Vie, designed to promote the natural healing process of all skin types, is one of the many product lines available on 

Part of the integrity of the UnFranchise system lies in how exclusive the Market America products are.

Market America’s goal is to sell its exclusive products only on approved websites and only through approved avenues.

At the moment, there are rules in place that require Market America UnFranchise owners to sell products only through the approved method. That means that UnFranchise owners cannot sell Market America’s exclusive products outside of SHOP.COM and the system.

This is actually an effective way of ensuring the products being sold by UnFranchise Owners are of the highest quality and made according to the standards set by Market America. This also guarantees that your relationship with your customers is intact from giving them the most reliable products in the market worthy of their time and money.

The Rules for Success

Market America UnFranchise success
What began as JR Ridinger’s vision in a 1,500 square-foot home in 1992, turned into a global business that’s now celebrating 25 years of success!

As UnFranchise owners should know, following the Market America system is the key to making money.

The business process and decorum set by Market America if followed correctly will only lead its UnFranchise Owners to the path of success and ensure their financial goals are properly met.

It all starts with discipline and following their method in reaching financial stability without compromising the company’s integrity and damaging the UnFranchise Owners’ relationship with their customers.

There’s a reason One-to-One Marketing is being upheld by the company as the most effective way to gain trust and loyalty from customers. The UnFranchise Owner establishes trust by guiding the customer to a shopping journey like no other, ensuring their needs are met and their questions and concerns responded to in a timely manner and with accurate information.

By having a personal relationship with the shopper, the UnFranchise Owner is expected to maintain the integrity of what Market America is offering and not tarnished by bending rules, making false claims, and re-routing customers for personal gains that do not comply with company standards.

Selling Market America Products on Amazon? 

Market America products should never be for sale on Amazon

If you’re an UnFranchise Owner and you do not follow the rules, you risk repercussions and are setting yourself up for failure.

Recently, Market America’s exclusive products have been found for sale on Amazon, which has prompted the reminder for adherence to the sanctity of the system.

JR Ridinger, CEO of Market America, says that “Anytime this happens it threatens the integrity of our business and undermines the success of UFOs around the world.”

SHOP.COM is the only venue for Market America products which also houses the affiliated vendors in its site.

When UnFranchise Owners stray away from SHOP.COM and sets up shop somewhere else like Amazon or other shopping destinations, the consumers get confused and potentially lose interest in patronizing Market America as their seller of choice.

Aside from doubting the standards used by so-called exclusive merchandise from Market America being sold in other online stores, consumers will not have a valid reason to stick to one shopping destination anymore since they know that they can find the same products in other businesses, anyway.

It has a domino effect.

The Market America brand gets tarnished, the shoppers’ opportunity to earn rewards for the investments – time, money and trust – they put in purchasing exclusive products from Market America through SHOP.COM are lost, the relationship of the UnFranchise Owner with his customers is damaged, and trust and accountability are broken.

This is why JR Ridinger is adamant about ensuring Market America’s products are never listed on Amazon.

With regard to Market America products cropping up on Amazon, JR says that “We have aggressively sought to correct these actions and prevent our products from being listed on currently and in the future – because we view this type of behavior to be an affront to the very spirit of the UnFranchise Business.”

Market America has worked closely with Amazon to prevent future postings of these exclusive products on the site. Additionally, they have been able to remove many listings already.

And it has yielded positive results.

Since taking this action on the regulation of Market America products, JR Ridinger says that they have seen a drastic drop in unauthorized online sales.

Selling on sites like Amazon comprises of “gaming the system” according to JR Ridinger. He’s a vehement proponent and advocate for following the system. After all, he’s spent the last 25 years of his life tweaking and refining it so that it will most benefit hard working UnFranchise owners. In fact, he is so passionate about the system that he says “Market America has zero tolerance for these types of actions and the integrity of the UnFranchise Business is something we will always defend.”

The UnFranchise owners who were found to be selling products on Amazon were issued warnings to remove all of their Market America products listings from Amazon. Those who did not comply had their Market America UnFranchise contracts terminated.

Upholding Integrity Protects the Business

integrity of market america unfranchiseProtecting the integrity of the business ensures that all of the Market America UnFranchise owners have a level playing field. It also makes for a system in which many benefit from the product sales.

When UnFranchise owners sell outside of the system, they’re the only ones making money from the sale. They neglect to account for their team, and throw off the commissions and cash back rewards for all of the people they’re connected to. Defending the integrity of the system means making sure that it works like it says it’s going to work.

Market America’s two to three year residual earnings plan is effective only if the plan is followed.

Going along with the system is far easier and more convenient than going through unapproved avenues. When UnFranchise owners are finding ways to outsmart the system, they’re spending a lot of energy that they could actually be channeling into improving their legitimate business. It works counter to their original intent of getting ahead. Instead, those who game the system jeopardize all that they’ve already been working for. Market America is not an isolated method of earning. It’s an interconnected network of real people wanting to earn real money.

When you become a Market America Unfranchise owner, you become part of a team of tremendously strong, resilient, and good-intentioned team members.

But every so often, there’ll be someone who finds a way to hurt, knowingly or not, the system on which this teamwork is based. That’s when it’s your job as a Market America UnFranchise owner to stand up for the greater good.

JR Ridinger drives the point home when he says “As UnFranchise Business Owners it’s up to all of us to not only familiarize ourselves with the proper business practices but to also ensure that our teams are following the guidelines and policies that were created to protect the growth and integrity of our business.” Ignorance of the rules doesn’t do UnFranchise owners any good because it can harm your team.

Be a proactive Market America UnFranchise owner and review the system rules. Meet with your team to go over the rules and ensure that everyone is on board. If any guidelines are being ignored or broken, now’s the time to fix any issues. Don’t wait until you or your team have done more damage. As JR Ridinger mentioned, Market America is serious about keeping everyone accountable to the rules and regulations. This simply ensured the integrity of the system. The compliance team at Market America is working hard to monitor third party websites for exclusive products.

The Market America UnFranchise system works on principles of integrity. JR Ridinger and the leadership team worked tirelessly to foster a system of cooperation and mutual growth. With the good of the individual comes the good of the group. That’s exhibited by the mutual structure of earning from the success of your team members. With this said, Market America UnFranchise owners have a straightforward path to a residual income. It’s all laid out as part of the system. Whether you’re a new owner or you’ve been with Market America for a while, you’re likely to see just how interwoven your earnings are with the selling and recruitment power of your team. Integrity makes the Market America UnFranchise what it is.

Get to Know Market America

Market America Unfranchise
With Market America’s commitment to operate its businesses with integrity and taking bold steps in weeding out entities and individuals that tarnish its reputation as an honest and trustworthy company, it’s time to get to know what Market America is and how it can make an impact in your life and those that depend on you.

What is Market America UnFranchise and why should you be interested?

Market America is an internet marketing company that gives its members the opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs over a short period of time –within two to three years – through personalized one-to-one marketing and social shopping. The company partners with different companies to produce and manufacture exclusive products to sell to their customers online through SHOP.COM.

Because of its tremendous success since its inception 25 years ago, Market America has continued to grow and expand its territories on a global scale. With more members joining its entrepreneurial community, the company has established operational offices in key locations all over the world. According to its website, they can be found in countries such as “Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Emerging markets include the Bahamas, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, New Zealand, Spain and Panama.”

What does Market America specifically offer?

Market America offers the UnFranchise Business, an opportunity for future entrepreneurs to earn income by becoming an UnFranchise Owner.

Teaming up with UnFranchise Owners, Market America sells their exclusive products in one online venue, SHOP.COM, which is also home to its affiliate vendors.

Market America gives shoppers the ultimate shopping experience by offering a shopping destination that sells quality products and cash rewards for those who purchase from the site and refers friends, family and other shoppers to shop on SHOP.COM.

What are your perks as an UnFranchise Owner?

Market America unfranchise

When you join Market America as an UnFranchise ower, you’ll have a chance to carve your niche in the company’s community of successful entrepreneurs that include 300 millionaires who help shoppers discover and patronize the exclusive products of Market America in different parts of the world.

All UnFranchise Owners are provided their exclusive website like the SHOP.COM site.

Should you become an official partner as an UnFranchise Owner, Market America will also offer you a solid business plan and revolutionary, state of the art marketing tools to help you talk to your customers, manage your team, promote Market America’s exclusive products and eventually, reach your financial goals.

Market America has a robust support team made up of more than 700 people located in different parts of the world, ready to assist you should you have questions, concerns, or issues encountered along your financial journey towards financial freedom and success.

Market America also shares content and marketing information that help you explain the process to your customers through your own site which is loaded with useful and easy to navigate digital enhancements to help you grow your pipeline and increase your earning potential.

High Tech Online Shopping : Stores, Apps, Lists and More 

You and your shoppers will have a blast discovering different things on the website to enhance your shopping journey through these helpful apps.

Shopping Assessment helps the shopper identify products that can give them more money by discovering how they can earn more cash back from SHOP.COM’s recommendations so they can save more money.

Shop Local gives you a list of local establishments around your neighborhood including locations and cash back promotions they are currently offering. The notifications will remind you how you and your shoppers can create earning opportunities anytime a local store is running a promotion that can potentially save you money.

Shopbox gives the shopper-entrepreneur a reason to earn money by creating their own Facebook store that displays their favorite products from Market America. Through the store, friends, family and their Facebook connections will have the ability to view the products and make purchases right on the store. And it doesn’t stop there. If the Shopbox gets shared by a customer, that lucky customer with the entrepreneurial spirit will enjoy referral cash every time a purchase is made from the store.

My List helps the shopper organize his or her list by being able to create and edit their own personal shopping file. The list can also be shared with others who may benefit from the shopper’s recommendations.

Save Money on Shop allows shoppers to browse more than 20,000 deals every single day. That’s a lot of opportunities to save big on discounts and potential cash back.

Trend Shops is an app that allows the shopper to create a personal collection through drag and drop that can be shared with others.

Patented Gifts allows electronic gifts to be sent to recipients that will be given the opportunity to select from a selection of products. Once the choice is made, the product is sent to the recipient and the sender gets charged for the eGift. This is convenient especially for last-minute gift givers or those who don’t have an idea what to give their loved ones. With this app, every gift is worth giving because the recipient actually picks what they like best.

Gift Registry is a gift to event planners and hosts who can easily create their registries for baby showers and weddings and other special occasions. It’s also convenient for guests who can just go online to purchase their gifts. If shoppers choose to purchase through OneCart, the creator of the gift registry earns the mighty cash back again and again everytime gifts are bought from the registry.

Shopping Websites is for UnFranchise Owners who get their customized shopping sites that will be their ultimate tool to promote their Market America products to their customers. These sites are filled with products and content maintained under strict standards by the corporate offices of Market America.

Who is behind Market America’s global success?

Market America was conceptualized and founded in 1992 – more than 25 years ago – by James Howard Ridinger and his wife.

JD Ringer was a former Amway distributor who was successful in his ventures and has applied his knowledge in establishing Market America to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve the same level of success that he had as a passionate marketer.

Headquartered in North Carolina, Market America sells products from consumable goods such as coffee to electronics, automotive and pet products, clothing and even flowers.

It partners with manufacturers who produce the products sold exclusively by Market America in its authorized sites such as SHOP.COM.

The business model that has propelled Market America to a global business venture involves UnFranchise Owners (referred as UFOs) who may be individuals or businesses that are official distributors of the company’s products through their own customized stores provided by Market America.

The distributors pay fees to Market America but are compensated for their sales in the form of commissions. They also earn from recruiting members that will be part of their individual sales teams. They are also required to purchase Market America products for a set amount. To enrich their knowledge in marketing the company’s products and to keep up with the marketing trend, UnFranchise Owners must attend trainings, conferences and seminars and shoulder the corresponding fees and expenses.

The Market America Business Model

Market America relies on the integrity of one-to-one marketing which traces its roots back in the day when salesmen gained trust from their customers through word of mouth advertising and relationship building.

Market America backs its promise by strengthening the integrity of its products by imposing strict rules in selling their products through authorized sites which comply with their highest standards to provide the best shopping experience to its loyal customers through the able support of its trusted partners – UnFranchise Owners.

What powers Market America?

Market America Unfranchise
Magic Moments from #MAIC2018

Market America is empowered by its UnFranchise Owners and their customers who are patrons of the exclusive Market America products.

Market America is instrumental in propelling the dreams of its partners, UnFranchise Owners, to their fullest potential by providing the business tools that will help them succeed.

The dreams of UnFranchise Owners to improve their financial situations – probably escape the typical rat race of the corporate world that takes too long to win and reap rewards from – are what strengthens the Market America venture.

If you want to have control over your destiny, improve your lifestyle and gain financial freedom not just for you but the people that depend on you, the Market America method of earning through one-to-one marketing and online social shopping may be the route that you need to take.

If you have the confidence, resilience, passion and the hunger to turn your dreams into reality, investing your time and energy through a business plan that can potentially take you to your desired destiny within two to three years through hard work, then becoming an UnFranchise Owner is a viable choice you have to take.


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