On The Road Again Trump Style But Beto Does It His Way

President Trump went to El Paso to sing the praises of wall security. El Paso is one of the safest cities in the country, according to government statistics. Mr. Trump thought El Paso would be a great place to win votes and cry about the gang members that illegally cross the border every day. The only problem with Trump’s city choice is the wall that Trump praised during his campaign-rally-fear-monger-speech didn’t do much to keep El Paso safe, according to the mayor.

But El Paso has one of those steel walls he continues to bellyache about, and those McDonald’s burgers with spicy Mexican sauce are hard to stay away from. The wall gives Mr. Trump’s voter base a fictitious visual of what his $5 billion steel would look like.

The president was able to continue his senseless argument about the wall even though the committee to study border security came up with a solution so government funding doesn’t expire on February 15th. When Mr. Trump’s aides told him about the agreement, the commander-in-chaos said he didn’t want the details. The details would spoil the chaos he wanted to create while he was in El Paso.

The Democrats knew Don Sr. would pull those fabricated wall stories out in El Paso. So Beto O’Rourke, a Texas Democrat, who just lost a close race with Senator Ted Cruz found a spot a block and a half away from Trump’s venue. O’Rourke let the people of El Paso know Trump was in the latter stages of mythomania with a serious case of pseudologia fantastica. In other words, Beto told the more than 10,000 people who came to hear him speak that Trump is a compulsive liar.

Mr. Trump called Beto a loser. The only thing good about Beto is his first name, according to the president. Trump said his crowd of Trumpians topped 35,000 at that rally. But the fire department only authorized seating for 10,000 people. And according to one local news report, about 6,000 people showed up to sit in those 10,000 seats to see Trump in person.

Beto’s political message had more to do with helping and connecting people rather than cutting them off like they had a contagious disease.

The El Paso speech was a win for Trump, according to the Republicans who still think Trump can dodge Congress investigations while Special Counsel Robert Mueller keeps throwing incriminating witch hunt news his way.

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