Princess Ivanka Puts Mueller on Notice

Ivanka Trump. Her name and the image project so many things to so many different people. In the fashion business, she a hard ass with deep pockets. And in the hotel business she a graduate of Trumps how-to-fleece the world club. But in the White House, she’s the Alpha-Trump. Kushner tries to be a modern-day Henry Kissinger in a tailored skinny suit, but he comes off more like Peewee Herman without the 1970s platform shoes.

It’s no secret, Ivanka’s in it to win it; whatever “it” is. She managed to talk the Chinese into giving her several trademarks so she could build her presence in China while the taxpayers pay the bills. The former Celebrity Apprentice co-star didn’t disappoint her dad when ABC News wanted to interview her. Mr. Trump didn’t want to join her. He’s bent out of shape from all the Congressional investigations that will focus on him, his company, and his children.

But Ivanka sat there like Trump’s clone. She is the Tinkerbelle of Trump land. Ivanka showed her Trumpian talents as she said she’s not afraid of the Mueller investigation. She went on to say, “the Trump family has nothing to hide. They are innocent no matter what the charges are.” But European news reports say the Trump’s wanted to build the largest building in Europe. That building was the Moscow Trump Tower project. Ivanka knew about the project for years, but she said she didn’t know.

The Mueller investigation may be the less of her obvious worries. The House Intelligence Committee has a bipartisan investigation going on, and according to the New York Times, the Russian election interference is just the tip of what Russia and other countries have going on in the United States. And the chairman of that committee told the Times Trump’s association with the Russians started years ago. But to date, there is no proof he got together during the campaign and did some kind of joint-venture deal.

Even though she’s under investigation in New York, Ivanka can still hold it together in front of the cameras. She has that feminine kind of Trump stare, and a mind filled with dad’s banter. She watched her father con the con men when he had to do that in New York and around the world. And she watched him listen to Roy Cohn, the mobster lawyer Mr. Trump got his law degree from. When Ivanka opens her mouth, she knows she’ll do her father and her brothers proud.

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