Cohen Testimony Problematic For President Trump

Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for United States President Donald Trump, revealed many disturbing allegations against President Trump during seven hours of testimony he gave before Congress this week. One of these allegations is believed to be crucial to the investigation into the actions of the president conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Cohen explained to members of Congress he was present when the president received a phone call from Roger Stone, a Republican Strategist. The call, Cohen went on to explain, alerted the president to emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee and the impending WikiLeaks release of these emails.

Both President Trump and Roger Stone deny the allegations made by Cohen. However, they have done so in a coordinated fashion that may influence the direction Mueller chooses to go on the matter.

The situation is clear. If Cohen is untruthful in these allegations he has perjured himself to Congress and will face a harsh penalty. However, if the allegations by Cohen are proven, the president is in real trouble.

Trump and Stone have issued public denials of collusion on the matter and have also provided assurances to the government that are legally binding.

It is a clear crime to lie to the United States government. For this reason, Cohen’s testimony can possibly prove devastating to Trump and Stone. The unfortunate thing for both men is that Cohen seems to also possess evidence to corroborate this claim.

Cohen says he was present in the office of President Trump when the call from Stone came through. This testimony matches evidence already possessed by Mueller regarding Stone. An indictment from the special counsel accuses Stone of alerting senior officials of the WikiLeaks email dump in the summer of 2016.

Stone took part in a closed meeting with House members. While the full account of the conversation has not been made public, it is clear he denied talking with the president about the email dump. This denial by Stone is a large part of the reason he was indicted.

President Trump was also questioned on the matter. His answers to questions posed to him are unknown because Mueller has chosen not to reveal them. However, the president has denied knowledge of the email dump multiple times in public settings.

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