Intelligence Committee Chairman Wants To Know What Russia Has On Trump

California Congressman Adam Schiff is a former prosecutor and the current chairman of the Congressional Intelligence Committee. Mr. Schiff wants to know more about Mr. Trump’s relationship with Russia.

The unverified Christopher Steele dossier is back in the news. And Deutsche Bank is in the process of cooperating with the New York’s request to turn over documents that pertain to Trump’s business dealings with the bank. Mr. Schiff wants to know more about those Trump business dealings and what the real relationship is between the president and Russia.

Mr. Schiff believes Deutsche Bank has information that could implicate the Trump Organization in a Russian money-laundering scheme. A Moscow bank owned by Deutsche Bank laundered Russian money for years. And according to a 2017 article in Newsweek Magazine, Eric and Donald Trump bragged about the amount of money Russia gave their organization. Don Jr. said the company had plenty of Russian money years before Trump ran for office.

The Steele dossier claims Mr. Trump, and the Russians had some sort of 2015 deal in the works. The deal, according to Mr. Steele, was Trump would lift the U.S. sanctions against Russia if he won the election. And Steele also said the Russians had information about Mr. Trump that would damage him personally as well as politically.

When Trump met Putin, his behavior sent red flags up the collusion flag post, according to the New York Times. Trump defended Putin on several occasions. During the campaign, Mr. Trump indicated he like Russia. Plus, according to the Washington Post, Trump and Putin had several phone conversations, and no one knows what the men talked about.

The Mueller investigation found seven Trump campaign officials guilty of meeting and talking to Russian operatives during the 2016 campaign. According to Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, all of those officials contacted the Russians and Trump knew about those meetings. Cohen was one of those officials. He said Trump’s relationship with Russia dates back to at least 2008. That’s when Deutsche Bank gave Trump a multi-million-dollar loan when other banks refused to lend him money.

Congressman Schiff knows putting all the pieces of the Russian-Trump puzzle together may take time. The Prosecutors in New York are in the process of dissecting all of Trump’s business deals with the Russians. There’s enough smoke in that Russian fire to dig deeper and find out what Trump and Russia have up their sleeve now that Trump is president.

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