Mina Gerowin: Hedge Fund Trailblazer

When Mina Gerowin got into the financial industry, there were very few other women, if any, working alongside her. All throughout her life, Gerowin has maintained an interest in the way money makes the world go around. During her Smith College days, she applied herself to the work of understanding world economies, eventually graduating with honors. Her degree was in Political Economy, which obviously would go on to serve her for the rest of her career. However, Gerowin did not decide to stop her education there. Her time at Harvard was distinguished by her M.B.A. and classification as a Baker Scholar. She also earned a law degree from UVA, where she focused on foreign regulation and other subjects that would later help her in her chosen profession.

Blazing Trails

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it wasn’t exactly easy for Gerowin to break into the financial sector. Many people harbor preconceptions and biases, whether they are unconscious or not, that it’s a man’s business. But right from the beginning, Gerowin was able to prove them all wrong. As the first female VP at Lazard Frères & Co., Gerowin began to impact the sector almost as soon as she joined it. In 2004, she joined Paulson & Co., where she continued her illustrious career. With her background in international economic affairs, she has been able to make a lot of savvy predictions about what will happen in the global markets. It is this level of brilliance that has won her a lot of praise in her field.

International Move

Just over a decade ago, Gerowin made the move to London to continue her work with Paulson & Co. This time, however, she was more involved in overseeing distressed assets and credit investments. As her reputation continued to build, Gerowin was honored multiple times as a leader in finance. Even Dow Jones has paid homage to Gerowin. In a world where so many of the leaders tend to be men, Gerowin stands out. Although she retired from Paulson over six years ago, Gerowin is still keen to make her voice known in the world of finance. Now working as a non-executive director at the company that oversees Fiat, Gerowin seems to be continuing her strong legacy of success. Always paying attention to the details, she strives to make a difference in the world by always imparting her knowledge. In fact, many groups call upon Gerowin to share her wisdom during these tumultuous times.

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