Patients Can End Lives If Terminally Ill In New Jersey

Sometimes, it’s simply too difficult and painful to continue living life with a terminal illness. New Jersey recently passed a bill that will allow patients who are terminally ill to end their own lives if they feel that it’s the best option. Governor Phil Murphy is expected to sign the bill without any kind of disagreement. However, the Senate only narrowly passed the bill because there are some officials who don’t think that it’s a good option to consider. Patients could begin taking advantage of what the bill allows, taking their own lives simply because they no longer want to live instead of ending a terminal condition or letting nature take its course.

The bill allows patients to die with the dignity that they have left. They don’t have to be connected to machines and life support in their final days. These patients are allowed to end life on their terms, knowing that they have made the decision that they want instead of leaving the decision to their family members. It also allows terminally ill patients to end the pain and suffering that they experience instead of relying on medications that might not work as they should.

Many government leaders want residents in New Jersey to realize that this is a bill that will allow for a humane process to be completed for someone who would die anyway instead of one that states that it’s alright to take your own life just because you no longer want to live. The decision rests with the patient as long as the patient is in the right frame of mind. There are a few details surrounding the mental capacity of patients to make the final decision as someone who is not in the right mental capacity likely wouldn’t be able to make the decision to end their own life with the support of this bill.

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