Trump Gives Schiff A Spanking As The Congressman Doubles Down

That victory lap Trump did around his favorite McDonald’s is getting on some people’s nerves. All the Republicans look and sound like they took a healthy dose of Bill Barr Viagra. And now they want to measure political penis size with the Democrats. Trump still has the Bill Barr summary in his slightly irregular suit jacket. Bill’s resume to apply for the attorney general’s job did the trick, according to the Democrats. Barr’s resume was a one-line statement that said: “I believe presidents are above the law.”

Mr. Trump knew if he kept the aging Alabama racist Jeff Sessions around, old Jeff would forget what to do after he read the report. But Bill Barr got it right. Trump got exonerated thanks to Barr’s legal opinion. But Bill’s summary didn’t sit right with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Nancy said the Mueller report is the backdrop for a partisan political game that gives Trump some credibility.

When Pelosi got the news that Trump listened to his Chief of Staff Mike Mulvaney about dumping Obamacare, she knew Trump was still cock-drunk from all the measuring the Trumpians did in his honor. Trump said he wants the Appeals court to rule in his favor. He wants to flush Obamacare down Obama toilet.

But even though Mr. Trump told news reporters, his plan is bigger, better, and will cover existing conditions, anonymous aides say Trump doesn’t have a healthcare plan. He asked his buddies McConnell and Graham to come up with one. But those Trump-like creatures know they will get chicken-fried at home come election time if Trump cancels healthcare insurance for millions of people just because he hates Obama, according to the Washington Post.

The Trumpster in one of those moods that creates one of his tweet storms. Congress is not buying Barr’s exoneration. Pelosi said Mr. Barr gave Trump a leg up on the re-election table. But once Congress gets the Mueller report, Trump will have a lot of explaining to do.

California Congressmen Adam Schiff, a former prosecutor, thought the Barr summary was a piece of fabulist art. Barr used all the right legal terms to hide the fact that the Mueller report has dirt on Trump. Schiff told reporters Trump colluded with the Russians out in the open. He said he didn’t need Barr’s summary to explain what Mueller said. Mueller court documents already show collusion, according to Schiff.

Trump didn’t waste time calling the congressman a liar and loser. He wants Schiff to resign for speaking the truth. But in Trumpland, only Trump gets to tell people what true is.

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