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There has never been a better time to become an UnFranchise owner. And this is particularly true for those interested in building a business in the health and beauty niche. In the past few years, new brands such as Lumière de Vie® and DNA Miracles® have been launched. And the ever-popular Motives® Cosmetics line now has over 2.1 million subscribers on Instagram alone!

More and more people are falling in love with UnFranchise health and beauty brands. Not only are they choosing to buy the products, but they also choose to invest in them as business owners. Why are these products so popular? They inspire people to look and feel their best. Let’s look at some of these incredible products.

The Motives Cosmetic Line

Motives is an award-winning cosmetic line that was personally created by Loren Ridinger, Senior Executive Vice President of Market America and Loren knows her market – and she knows how to help women look and feel beautiful.  In fact, she’s been named to Vogue’s Top 100 as one of the most influential women and recognized by Fashion Group International for her contribution to the fashion and beauty industry.

Her industry knowledge and expertise are reflected in the Motives brand – making it much easier for UnFranchise owners to promote and sell. In a global cosmetic market that is projected to reach $675 billion by 2020, partnering with a brand that has a large following and high-quality products is important.

One of Motives top-selling products is the Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation.  This product smooths and moisturizes skin and its customers love it. Here’s what customers are saying about it:


“This product feels lightweight and breathable on my skin. It gives great coverage without suffocating my pores. Great product.” – Tan


“I am 53 and will still get acne if I use any other foundation. This has great coverage and is long lasting. I am so pleased to have found it. I love this product!” – Donna H.

As an UnFranchise owner, you must put in the work to get the word out about Motives and other health and beauty products, but this is much simpler to do when you are selling products that people really want!

Lumière de Vie

Market America Lumiere De Vie

While still a relatively new UnFranchise brand, Lumière de Vie is already a popular addition to our line of health and beauty products. Created by Amber Ridinger-Laughlin, Lumière de Vie was designed to help people heal and rejuvenate their skin naturally.

Amber’s motivation for creating this line of products was her own skin condition challenges. Wanting better results than what even pricey skin care cremes could offer, she developed her own line – at a much more affordable cost.

Lumière de Vie is an UnFranchise beauty brand focused on both men and women’s skin care needs. And there are products suited to all types of skin and needs including:

  •         Anti-aging
  •         Oil control
  •         Fragrance-free
  •         Moisturizing
  •         Sensitive Skin

There are night cremes, neck creams, facial and hand lotions, and even a facial sponge set designed specifically for men.

In just its short time on the market, this UnFranchise brand has already built a loyal social media following that includes almost 25K Instagram followers and over 14K Facebook fans.

DNA Miracles

Market America DNA Miracles

DNA Miracles is a new UnFranchise brand focused on the health of babies, children, and expectant mothers. The baby products industry is a $73.86 billion industry. And this market is expected to continue to grow even larger over the next five years. From organic foods and supplements to organic clothing and all-natural products, today’s parents are mindful of what they are putting in and on their little bundles of joy.

They are so much more health conscious, recognizing the importance of creating healthy habits and using healthy products with their children in the earliest stages of life. UnFranchise business owners can meet the needs and demands of these savvy parents by offering some baby incredible products including vitamins, probiotics, baby lotion, and even diaper cream.

DNA Miracles is one of those brands that families can feel good about using and UnFranchise owners can feel great about selling!

Some of the many amazing DNA Miracles products include:

  • Vitamins and supplements – These are all gluten-free and vegetarian and include Isotonix Multivitamins (contain no detectable GMOs) and Isotonix Multivitamins Plus, Digestive Enzymes, Essential Omega-3, and Probiotics and Probiotics Extra.
  • Baby Skin and Hair Care – Natural Diaper Cream, Hydrating Baby Lotion, Natural Foaming Wash and Shampoo, and Natural Soothing Ointment.
  • Cleaning Products – To help promote a healthy home environment, DNA Miracles also offers Home Solutions Nursery & Playroom Cleaner, Fruit & Veggie Wash, Home Solutions Spot & Stain Remover, and Home Solutions Bottle & Dish Soap.

Each of these products and additional ones offered by DNA Miracles are high-quality wellness products to promote healthy babies, children, and expectant mothers. These are certainly products that UnFranchise owners can feel good about offering their customers.

The UnFranchise System Works

Market America unfranchiseNot only does the UnFranchise model allow its business owners to offer incredible products, the system for business owners to be successful just works. Business owners receive many of the benefits of a franchise, like systems and processes, operational requirements, professional marketing tools, training, effective and proven management systems, branding, and low product prices.

However, UnFranchise owners do not have to deal with many of the downsides of owning an actual franchise. They don’t have to pay franchise fees and royalties, incur high monthly overhead fees, invest a lot of money upfront in their business, or incur many of the potential tax disadvantages.

Additionally, starting a typical franchise operation involves spending countless hours of work to get the operation going. With an UnFranchise business, how much time you invest in the business is up to you. If you need to start out part-time, you have this option. This means that even if you cannot quit your “day job” in the beginning, you don’t have to wait until you’ve saved enough money to do so. You can begin your journey as an UnFranchise owner today!



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