Forget The Mueller Report New York Is Cooking Don Sr.’s Goose Letitia James Style

The Republicans are in a bind. Trump’s wants to duke it out with the Democrats over healthcare. White House lawyers and Attorney General Bill Barr want to bring Obamacare down in the courts. A Texas judge ruled Obamacare was unconstitutional, and that got President Trump excited. Trump decided he would forget about his self-created victory over the Mueller report and make some of his lapdog senators come up with a healthcare plan. Florida Senator Rick Scott is the guy Trump thinks can produce a cheaper healthcare program that covers pre-existing conditions.

Senator Scott is an ex-Hospital Corporation of America CEO. But Scott doesn’t have a stellar reputation in the healthcare industry. That’s why he took the political path to fame and fortune. Rick didn’t a questionable job as governor of Florida, so the Democrats aren’t expecting too much from Mr. Scott. Scott hit the Sunday news shows and instead of explaining the details of Trump’s healthcare plan, he bashed the Democrats for creating a Medicare-for-all solution.

President Trump is still high on the exonerated smoke Bill Barr filled his mind with. Mr. Trump feels invincible now that he knows Barr has his political back. Barr plans to play a political and legal game with Congress over the report. And Congress plans to send out subpoenas to make Barr play the game the right way.

Mr. Trump knows the Mueller report might hurt him a little. But he knows the report is a political football right now. That means he can do an end around run around Congress and end up with another political score to appease his voter base, according to the New York Times. But there is a bigger threat hiding in plain sight in the state of New York. Newly elected New York Attorney General Letitia James is on a mission to disable the Trump Organization. She already brought the Trump Foundation to its criminal knees.

James has a lot of power thanks to the 1921 Martin Act. That act protects investors. If James discovers Trump did commit fraud, she has the power to take down the Trump organization. Letitia doesn’t have to answer to the governor or any state agency. She has a free hand. And she plans to use it to nail Trump’s alleged money-laundering butt to the wall.

New York wants Deutsche Bank to give them all the documents that pertain to Trump’s accounts. Deutsche Bank has a reputation for doing shady deals. Bank executives were the only bankers on the planet that gave Trump loans. And James wants to know why that bank would lend Trump billions with his dismal business history.

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