New ‘Jay and Silent Bob’ Reboot Will Co-Star Chris Hemsworth

It was only one year ago that writer and director Kevin Smith suffered a heart attack during a stand up comedy performance that nearly cost him his life. However, he has made a full recovery and is now very hard at work on his next project. He is doing a new film that will feature his beloved characters Jay and Silent Bob. Jay will be played by Jason Mewes. Silent Bob will be played by Smith. The duo have appeared in several Smith films in the past. The most memorable of these was “Clerks.” This was the low budget film that was Smith’s directorial debut. It is the 1994 film that earned rave reviews and got his show business career started.

It is very hard to believe that 25 years have passed since “Clerks” was released. Kevin Smith still has the same irreverent sense of humor that he did when he was younger. He has promised that this Jay and Silent Bob reboot will give the fans the type of filthy comedy that has become synonymous with Kevin Smith films. The big news about the film is that superstar Chris Hemsworth will be co-starring in an unspecified role. His appearance in the film was revealed with a series of Instagram posts by Hemsworth that featured both he and Kevin Smith together with their fingers over their lips. Hemsworth said in a photo caption that he was happy to be a part of the new film. He also said he had a great time hanging out with Smith.

There has not been many details revealed about the new Jay and Silent Bob movie. The only thing we know for sure is that it will be a reboot. What that means exactly is anybody’s guess. Chris Hemsworth has not played many comedic roles during his career. Therefore, it will be interesting to see him mixing it up with comedic veterans the likes of Smith and Mewes. Smith was not willing to say how Hemsworth will be used in the film. It is possible that Hemsworth could be a straight man. However, the Australian hunk did do some very funny scenes in the reboot of “Ghostbusters.”

Smith has teased that there will be more big casting news in the future. He has said that Hemsworth will not be the only big star to appear in the film. It remains to be seen who the rest of he cast will be.

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