Obama Gives Biden A Thumbs Up But He Doesn’t Endorse His Old Friend’s Presidential Run

Now that Jeff Sessions is out of Trump’s golden hair, the former attorney general has more time on his hands to spread his version of American justice. Mr. Sessions was Trump’s immigration henchman when he tried to act like an attorney general. But Jeff recused himself from the Mueller investigation, and he had a hard time keeping up with all the paperwork that crossed his desk.

Trump wanted to fire Jeff after he learned Sessions wasn’t going to protect him from the investigation. But he waited until the Democrats won the House, and then he gave Jeff his “thanks for nothing” tweet.

Sessions went back to Alabama with his racist tail between his legs and tried to lick his Trumpian tweet wounds. But like all politicians who need positive reinforcement, Jeff decided to speak at the Amherst College commencement ceremony. Jeff told the audience it was time to put the Mueller report out to pasture. Some of Sessions critics thought Jeff was nervous about that white lie he told Congress when they asked him if he had any contact with Russians during the 2016 campaign.

Mr. Trump can’t put the Mueller report behind him no matter how hard he tries. Congress wants to talk to some of the people Mueller mentioned in his report. But Trump claims he’ll stop the people who rated on him when Mueller interrogated them. Mr. Trump didn’t stop there. If Congress decides to impeach him, Trump wants the Supreme Court to chime in and override that action.

According to legal scholars, the Supreme Court won’t be able to protect the president if Congress impeaches him. The chief justices have no say in impeachment proceedings.

Joe Biden is officially a 2020 candidate for president. Joe wants to show Trump he still has what it takes to win an election. Biden always wanted to be president, but he never was able to raise enough money or support to get the big job. But now that the Democrats have a more liberal attitude, Joe thinks his Obama era mentality is what the country needs. Former President Obama gave Joe a pat on the back for jumping into the race, but he didn’t give his ex-vice president his full support.

Obama is still active in the Democratic Party. He met with most of the 2020 candidates, but it’s too early for Obama to give any candidate his support, according to a Business Insider article.

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