Roger Kimmel: From Motion Pictures To Law School

In the career of any business executive, different paths converge along the way. For noted attorney and executive Roger Kimmel, his career path has included not only those involving such traditional areas as corporate mergers and acquisitions, but also stints working with companies involved in other areas as well, including motion picture production. As a result, he has gained a wealth of knowledge over the years about a variety of topics, all of which have served him well as his career has progressed.

In his current role as Vice-Chairman of investment banking firm Rothschild Inc., Roger Kimmel puts his skills to good use each day. Working with a variety of clients on a daily basis, he focuses primarily on such topics as corporate legal matters, mergers and acquisitions, private equity transactions, and shareholder issues that are extremely complex. In handling these and other matters, he has gained a reputation for excellence in the face of adversity, enabling him to gain the trust and confidence of his firm’s clients.

Prior to joining Rothschild, Roger Kimmel had already distinguished himself as a prominent corporate attorney with the firm of Latham and Watkins. Like in his current position at Rothschild, he spent much of his time helping clients navigate the vast complexities of corporate governance, capital markets, and how corporations could deal with activists and others who may be wanting to disrupt various aspects of their operations.

While most of his experience is focused primarily on corporate law, Roger Kimmel is also known for being a part of many other business ventures as well over the years. As an example of his diverse business background, he was one of the primary founders of a publicly-traded pharmaceutical company, and was also credited with helping provide key assistance to companies in such areas as motion picture production, software development, and health and nutrition. In these advisory capacities, he gave advice on how to navigate corporate rules and regulations, mergers and acquisitions, and other areas that allowed these businesses to succeed.

As he has had the chance to work in a variety of areas through the years, Roger Kimmel has also made it a top priority to give back to others. Because of this, he can now also be found at the University of Virginia Law School, where he serves as an adjunct professor of corporate law. In this position, he lectures students on various matters they will encounter in their legal careers, as well as how to deal with other aspects of law, such as communication with clients, presenting court arguments, and other important aspects of their legal careers.

In the years to come, there are few who believe Roger Kimmel will decide to lighten his load of business and educational responsibilities. In fact, most believe the opposite will be true. As he continues to teach law classes, advise clients on financial strategies, and deliver speeches that both entertain and inform his audiences, Roger Kimmel will undoubtedly be a strong presence in business and education.

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