Take Your Next Family Vacation In A Gulf Stream Coach RV

Gulf Stream Coach is an industry leader in the business of RV manufacturing. They proudly build the RVs that are used by families across the US and throughout Canada. The company is family-run, and it is owned by the Shea family of Indiana.

Mr. Jim Shea and his sons are the founders of the company. They grew their company with the long standing American traditions of hard work, honesty, and integrity. The family never forget the core values that they have set forth for their company and themselves. Their commitment is unfaltering, and it is to provide their RV owners with the highest quality and best value in the industry. Jim and his sons are as dedicated to this solid commitment today as they were many decades ago when they built their very first motor home. The same holds true for every employee in the company.

The headquarters of Gulf Stream Coach are located in Nappanee. They manufacture motor homes and travel trailers across 22 brands and more than 140 different models. Many of the dealerships where the vehicles are sold are run by family members. The innovation brought forth in the manufacturing process matches the high standards of quality and value. Their customers have come to rely on this company for all of their recreational travel.

The Shea sons took over much of the daily operational functions in the 1990s. Gulf Stream Coach has a staff of skilled and talented craftspeople. Many members of the manufacturing crew are Shea family members. Throughout the company, there are employees who have worked at Gulf Coast since day one. The firm has dealerships in many locations spanning North America. The families who purchase their RVs can be assured of the Shea family’s commitment to their customers. Gulf Stream Coach is privately owned, so there are no investors or shareholders to distract from the standards and goals of the leadership team.

The company publishes a variety of e-brochures to help simplify the purchasing process. Whether their customer is a first time RV buyer or a repeat customer, this is a helpful tool. It is prepared in an easy to understand format. The e-brochure on all of the models feature the vehicle dimensions, such as the length, width, and the total weight. It will also provide tank sizes and the interior measurements of the living space and the sleeping accommodations. There is an easy to read floor plan for all of the Gulf Stream Coach product offerings. RV shoppers can review the list of standard features, and they can also select from other available options.

The Gulf Stream Coach models are durable end built to last. The company is a trusted name in the RV industry.

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