Mitch McConnell Gives Trump A Thumbs Up In His Senate Speech

Jill Biden, the highly educated wife of Joe Biden, decided it was time to tell folks to stop talking about how Joe and the boys thought Anita Hill was a low-down liar. Joe can’t seem to stay out of trouble on the campaign trail. Biden campaign workers do First Amendment smackdowns when some of the press want to take a picture of the Rust Belt’s favorite Joe.

Dr. Biden thought she got all that Anita Hill business out of the way when Joe sat down and tried to say he was sorry for being a dick. Joe did the best he could for a self-serving capitalistic who should be coaching pewee softball instead of running for the president’s job for the third time, according to his critics. Bernie Sanders said Biden’s past political record paints a picture of a guy who went with the flow instead of stepping up and helping the people who put him in office.

Mr. Trump doesn’t care if Joe self-destructs. He knows he’ll win no matter who the Democrats pick. Trump wants China to stop changing the trade talk agreement so he can tell a story of how he beat the Chinese during his campaign speeches. The Trumpster has to make a deal with China, and the Chinese know it. The longer they wait the longer Trump’s economy goes to hell. Trump’s tariffs may hurt China’s economy, but the U.S. economy especially the consumer sector is the big loser, according to the Washington Post.

His buddy Ben Netanyahu asked Trump to send a fleet of ships to the Middle East to keep Iran in line while he takes land away from the Palestinians. Trump will use his warmonger personality to convince voters he’s an Iran slayer.

But other countries still buy their oil and Europe set up a financial system to avoid Trump’s sanctions, so the EU can still trade with Iran.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell finally got the nerve up to tell his homies the Mueller report is ancient history. Mitch doesn’t want the Democrats to unearth the Truth about Trump. Old Mitch knew Trump was a conman more than two years ago. But like a true self-serving politician, he goes along with Trump to stay in office. He’s up for reelection in 2020 and he’s scared Trump’s crimes may be public knowledge before then.

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