The Saudis Surface In Trump’s Middle East War Games

Rudy Giuliani loves to sit in front of the cameras and act like he just finished shooting a role a Batman movie. Rudy had the world by the gonads for years when he was putting the bad guys away and cleaning up New York City. Giuliani was a strong back to lean on after 9/11 and people remember acts like that.

But now that Rudy is a free-range lawyer with a New York connection to Donald Trump, he morphed into the legal street rat that lives in Trumpland. Rudy is Trump’s decoy. While people try to figure out what Rudy means when he spouts off unrecognizable legal comments, Trump tweets his way through the fairyland of complete exoneration.

Trump wanted Rudy to go to Ukraine and get dirt of Joe Biden. Joe is the lead horse for the Democrats and Trump wants Barr to investigate him. He also wants to fool with Biden’s youngest son, Hunter. Hunter was on the board of a Ukraine business while Joe was Vice president. Trump wants people to think Joe has payoff issues like he does.

China turned the heat on Trump when they fired $60 billion in tariffs Trump’s way. The president’s not too worried about it. He knows Americans will pay the tariffs. He sent out a tweet advising people to buy those China products from another country or buy them in the United States. Mr. Trump must not realize how firmly entrenched the Chinese are in America’s consumer sector of the economy. Most of the economic growth comes from consumers. The U.S. economy would sink in a hurry without Chinese products.

Mr. Trump thinks he’ll get China to sign their technology future away so he can use it as a campaign victory. But according to the Chinese, there is no victory in a trade war. Both sides lose a lot. But Trump still might add tariffs on $300 billion more products. That would mean almost all Chinese products will cost more. If that happens, inflation wags its tail and the Feds raise interest rates.

But Trump has bigger fish to fry now that Ben Netanyahu is ready to rumble with Iran. The Saudis gave Trump’s Navy a reason to be there. The Saudi prince and Jared Kushner put a peace deal together. But the prince has to help start a war first. The Saudis reported two oil cargo ships had a run in with unknown attackers. Some reports say the prince just wants to do his pals Don Sr. and Jared a solid before their next business deal, but other reports say Iran wants to poke the bear.

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