Nick Vertucci Continues to Inspire Other Entrepreneurs to Take Control of Their Destiny

While some people do exceptionally well in their careers from the jump, climbing up corporate ladders as quickly as Spiderman and beefing their salaries up to elephant-sized proportions, most people fare moderately well for themselves.


Most workers and self-employed entrepreneurs who perform well in their careers maintain their performance over their lifetimes, more or less. The same marker of consistency applies to both their average and not-so-great counterparts, as well.


Very few people hit it big from the time they’re teenagers, firmly cement their own businesses into their regional economies, lose their businesses, enter another field, then hit it big for the second time in their working lives. This career path is the one that Nick Vertucci followed.


Even though he didn’t plan on carving this path for himself – who would follow such a heartbreaking, tear-jerking career path if they could design it themselves? – Mr. Vertucci did the best he possibly could with the cards he was dealt with.


Without spoiling too much else, let’s take a deeper look into Nick Vertucci’s background, ups, downs, successes, and failures.


Nick Vertucci’s Humble Beginnings


Born to a single mother who strung together multiple jobs to make ends meet, Nick Vertucci’s mom always stressed her belief that her son should go as far as he can in college to safely secure a future for himself. Her advice definitely didn’t fall on deaf ears, as Vertucci enrolled in a four-year university program as soon as he finished high school.


cover of nick vertucci's book, seven figure decisions having the balls to succeed
Nick Vertucci’s Book Seven Figure Decisions

At the age of 22, when most people who entered college as recent high school graduates are finishing up their bachelor’s degrees, Vertucci was tired of going to classes that he was entirely disinterested in. To him, it seemed as if he’d never use any of the things he learned in the college courses he’d taken in the real world.


Most people who say that end up eating their words later in life. The same can’t be said for Nick, however.


Nick Leaves University And Tries Hitting It Big As An Entrepreneur


At the age of 22, when many of his peers were graduating from college, Vertucci decided to leave his college credits behind in favor of relying on his tough entrepreneurial drive to succeed in life.


Nick always had a fascination with computers, even though his family couldn’t afford much in the way of the market’s latest electronics when he was growing up.


With the earnings from an uninteresting food service industry job in his savings account, Vertucci decided to invest in a wide variety of computer equipment. He bought motherboards, CD drives, additional memory, graphics cards, and everything else someone could possibly need to construct a computer from scratch.


At the time, in 1997, the United States’ interest in computers was on a major upward swing. As part of what would soon be known as the “dot-com bubble,” American consumers first became interested in computers for personal or family use in 1995. Computers, software, and the World Wide Web all became equally popular during this time.


Thanks to great timing on behalf of himself, Nick Vertucci was able to ride the quickly-growing, strong wave that was the dot-com bubble from the time he hopped on in 1997.


Nick Was Hitting It Big In The Computer Business


At the time, Nick’s business consisted of himself, all his inventory, and a delivery van used to make both short, speedy trips and dreary long-haul adventures. Since Nick genuinely enjoyed working as much as he possibly could, he decided to leave behind his apartment about a year after he started his computer business and live in his van.


To take showers and groom himself, Vertucci had memberships at several gyms and exercise facilities so he could simply check in at whichever facility was closest at the time. Some of these facilities were hours apart from one another, an indicator of just how far Nick was willing to drive to keep his customers happy and grow his fresh, budding business. Nick also relied on coin laundromats to wash his clothes. Further, the young entrepreneur didn’t have a refrigerator, freezer, or anywhere to prepare cooked food. As such, he ate out for almost every meal during the years that he was growing his computer business to a nearly-otherworldly level of success.


Although it might not have been the healthiest for his body, Nick’s mind was constantly exercised and kept busy due to his unrelenting work schedule. He rarely turned down customers’ requests, even if those phone calls came in the middle of the night.


Eventually, Though, All Things Come To An End


In 2000, just three years after the computer guru started his business out of his apartment, Nick Vertucci was proud to learn that his business operations generated a whopping one million dollars in profit.


Just three months into 2000, the tech bubble burst, leaving countless investors entirely out of luck. Several Internet businesses never recovered from the speculative bubble’s bursting, including and Although many businesses in the field ended up surviving, the vast majority of them didn’t end up performing too favorably.


Take Nick Vertucci’s computer business, for example, which ended up going belly-up just weeks after the dot-com bubble burst in March 2000. Mr. Vertucci expected the business to regain its value in the months following the start of the dot-com bubble’s burst, though such hope never turned into being.


What Was Nick To Do?


Keep in mind that although Nick was able to reel in upwards of one million dollars’ worth of profit in the three-odd years his computer business was operational, most of the money was reinvested back into the company. Nick had virtually zero hard assets to fall back on. After all, since he had stopped living in an apartment in 1997 and sold most of the stuff he owned, Nick didn’t much in the way of real, tangible assets.


This downturn in Mr. Vertucci’s life caused him to take up employment at a low-paying, dead-end job for what would end up being a four-year stint. Although Nick didn’t like what he was doing, he found that it was too difficult to get back into the computer business because it would be too difficult to compete with the likes of eBay and other websites where people could look up their own parts and even seek out official troubleshooting guides so they could fix their own computer problems.


As such, Nick was effectively out of luck.


Not So Fast – Things Turn Around For Nick Around Here


Even though his computer business might not have made it through the rapid rise and fall of the stock market known as the dot-com bubble, Nick Vertucci was still happy to have a van to live in and a different job to generate income. He continued working like this for four years, making just enough money to skirt by.


In 2004, Nick was still working a dead-end job and not working towards his once-held goal of owning and operating a successful business. Worst of all, Nick genuinely enjoyed helping people understand their computers and what was wrong with them, not to mention being responsible for handling the day-to-day operations of the business and even repairing broken machines after delivery hours.


The young Mr. Vertucci still – somehow – held his head up high and continued to be a productive member of society.


Here’s Where It Starts To Get Good – Along Comes Walt


Although Nick doesn’t remember the exact date of when this story starts, he does recall that the day was a Thursday in 2004.


He received a call from a friend of a friend of a friend – a loose associate, at best – named Walt. Nick, having nothing important to tend to, answered Walt’s call to see if Walt even dialed the right number.


Vertucci and Walt shared a phone call for an hour or two. Although Nick was embarrassed to share his story with Walt, he was surprised to learn that Walt had similarly failed. Walt had started a business on his own, without any help, and successfully operated it for five years.


Though Walt had run his business for two years longer than Nick, Walt still ended up in the same place the Nick did – belly-up and in search of steady employment to pay the bills before they became overdue.


What Good Can Come From The Founders Of Two Business Failures?


After a good while of learning about each other’s failed business ventures, Walt offered Nick a free ticket to a real estate seminar that weekend. All Nick had to do was go with Walt.


Walt had already paid for his real estate seminar’s ticket. The person Walt had planned on attending the real estate seminar with had canceled on the seminar just days before it was set to take place. Instead of letting the admission go to waste, Walt asked his buddy for the ticket, held on to it, and asked a few acquaintances if they were potentially interested in attending the seminar.


Although Nick wasn’t at all excited about attending the seminar, he reluctantly agreed. At first, Vertucci adamantly refused to go, stating that he felt like he deserved that three-day weekend off for relaxation.


Fortunately for Nick, he didn’t have to pay for any room, board, transportation, or admission, effectively netting him an experience that someone else had already paid a few thousand dollars for.


Off They Go – It’s Seminar Time


Nick arrived right on time the next day.


After sitting through roughly 30 minutes of the seminar, Mr. Vertucci began feeling restless and even thought about leaving the event. Nick had never been good at paying attention in school, let alone paying attention to something that he didn’t need to study so he could pass a test for.


Walt still doesn’t know how he managed to keep Nick in there for 15 more minutes, though Nick is more than thankful that he stuck around. Around the 45-minute mark, the seminar’s speaker finally pushed through all the introductory material and got directly into real estate investing.


Initially worried that he didn’t have enough money to even purchase a studio apartment to resell, Nick’s nerves were calmed once he found out from the speaker that he could obtain financing through a number of avenues, which meant that Nick’s lack of money wasn’t a determining factor in his potential success in the field.


Over the next two days, Nick continued to soak up swaths of valuable information related to the real estate business. Although he’d have to get his hands considerably dirty to even think about turning a profit on the homes, apartments, and buildings he’d invest in, Nick was fully prepared for what the industry threw at him.


The Seminar Changed Everything, Says Nick Vertucci


Although Nick never had a desire to attend another real estate seminar, he still valued the wealth of knowledge and information that he picked up at that seminar in 2004.


Within weeks of getting back home from the seminar with Walt, Nick began sourcing financing from friends, family members, and acquaintances of his. Nick remembers that funding these early real estate investments were so difficult, he was forced to work full-time as a professional sales pitch presenter for weeks on end prior to successfully securing the money he’d need to flip home to perfection.


Over the years, Nick recalls, the practicing field of real estate treated him very well. He felt comfortable flipping homes as a self-employed entrepreneur with zero employees, believe it or not, for 10 years. Nick Vertucci didn’t just feel comfortable with the responsibility, however – he proved to be more successful in the wide-open field of real estate than what he ever thought possible.


Nick’s still in love with the world of real estate, though he doesn’t get his hands dirty, per se, anymore.


You Won’t Believe What Nick Started Doing After 10 Years Of Flipping


At the seminar Nick Vertucci attended over 10 years ago, he learned a lot about real estate. Although he maintains that he wouldn’t have forked over the thousands of dollars in exchange for attending another seminar, Nick does feel like real estate seminars are legitimate growth opportunities for people in the field of real estate who want to expand their horizons.

Nick has always been a strong believer in the ideology that people should only go into business doing something that they enjoy doing or feel passionately about.


After a decade in the field, Vertucci knew deep down that he thoroughly enjoyed the real estate market. As such, he felt like he should try putting on a real estate seminar of his own.

Thus, The NVREA – Nick Vertucci’s Brainchild – Was Born


Short for the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, the NVREA puts on a circuit of real estate seminars around the largest cities in the United States and Canada, including the cities of Chicago, Illinois, and Miami, Florida, among many others.


Founded in 2014, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy took to its proverbial wings in California’s very own Orange County.


The Basics Of The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy


People who attend the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy by Nick Vertucci are privy to a wealth of knowledge that covers all of the major topics related to doing well in real estate and in one’s personal life.


One of the most important topics that the seminars touch on is that of making sense of individual retirement accounts, which are held safe by the Internal Revenue Service. Although saving money with the government, of all entities, might not seem like a good idea, trusting these individual retirement accounts with even a small amount of money can result in major accumulations of interest and reduce how much money fledgling real estate entrepreneurs have to pay in taxes.


People in attendance at the seminars also pick up tips, tricks, and insights that have been sourced directly from Nick Vertucci’s experience in the field of flipping houses. One of the rarest bits of information that Vertucci gives out to the people in attendance at his events is that of knowing how to play opportunities of making money on multiple-unit contracts or wholesale contracts. Few other seminars go over such high-quality alternative real estate investment strategies.


Looking At The Nick Vertucci Of Today


Nick Vertucci continues to operate NVREA in the United States and Canada. He also spends a lot of time playing professional, high-stakes poker, something he’s done since 2004, as well.


Just a few months ago, Vertucci released a book titled Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed, which has since become one of the best-selling in its class.

For more information, check out Nick’s book on Amazon, or follow him on Twitter:

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