Crane Damages Building In Texas After Collapsing

At least one person has died after a crane collapse in Dallas. Severe weather conditions are believed to be the cause of the collapse. When the crane collapsed, it fell onto an apartment building. There was a severe thunderstorm watch in the area at the time of the collapse as well as some heavy rain and high winds. The Elan City Lights building suffered the most damage as a parking garage was almost completely destroyed. After the incident, there were six people taken to local hospitals. Although injuries aren’t life-threatening, there are two people who are in critical condition.

Apartments near the collapse were searched by local firefighters and other emergency personnel. Fortunately, no one was found inside the rubble. Most of the people who were supposed to be in the building and who were in an inaccessible area were those who were taken to hospitals or were not at home when the crane fell. Residents who still live in the building are being moved to area hotels so that officials can examine the apartment to ensure that it’s safe to live in and to make repairs where needed. There are areas of the building that seem to be sturdy, but managers of the apartment want residents to be safe while the investigation is being completed.

When the crane fell, it plowed through the top levels of a parking garage before damaging the apartment building. Several cars were damaged, and power was out in the area while lines were repaired and the crane removed from the building. During the storm that is said to be responsible for the collapse, flights were halted to the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. Debris flew into nearby buildings as the crane fell and damaged the apartment building and parking garage. Cleanup efforts are expected to take place as soon as it’s safe to begin removing debris.

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