Canada and the US Baffled when their Diplomats Attacked By the Health Crisis in Cuba

It is not the American State Department that is just bewildered by the disease attacks of US diplomats in Havana. The government of Canada also released a statement on Wednesday alluding that they also did not have a clue about what or who is behind the mysterious health attacks. In a news release in Ottawa, an official from the Canadian government said that eight Canadians who were working in the Cuban capital of Havana were in need of medical attention after reporting signs that ranged from nosebleeds, headaches to dizziness.

This number was out of the total 27 Canadian nationals that underwent the medical tests, and as a result, three Canadian families that were stationed in Havana for diplomatic duties were relocated. The US government has said that 24 American diplomats who were stationed in the Cuban capital have reported similar medical symptoms that are consistent with trauma injury of the brain. The US State Department recalled all nonemergency US nationals working in Cuba in September last year, and the American government says that it has no plans for their return which has led to a strained US-Cuba relationship.

Agents from the American Federal Bureau of Investigations has been invited by Cuban authorities to investigate the mysterious illness. However, officials reported that the federal agency did not find any signs of an artificially engineered attack. Moreover, some officials from the Canadian government have also questioned whether there could be a possibility for a single cause of for the illness basing on the symptoms. Both the Canadian government and the US State Department have said that the phenomenal in Havana is real and should be taken very seriously. The United States Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, questioned on whether the CDC and the WHO had given any thought to whether the symptoms could be of mass hysteria.

The US senator also added that those were probably people who were making the story up by being hypochondriacs. Senator Rubio raised these concerns during a hearing of the Foreign Relations Subcommittee of the Senate on Friday. The Medical Director of the State Department, Dr. Charles Rosenfarb, in a statement, said that 24 people had reportedly had signs and symptoms that are characteristic of mild brain trauma. The Medical director also added that it was pretty unlikely that such objective tests could be faked. Rosenfarb said that the cases in Cuba were not symptoms that conclusively result in a matter of mass hysteria.