Discover How Technology Is Changing This One Couple’s Business

Small businesses are everywhere in today’s generation. With the way the Internet has revolutionized the way we all do business, there is no doubt that there are countless people across the globe building small brands. For Paige and Chris Curtis, they didn’t have any big plans on building a business in any way, but when the door opened wide open, they had to walk through it and start making more.

It all began when Chris has built a picture frame for a photo of them two. Family and friends quickly noticed and thought about getting their own frames made. They then set out to create the business, Alibi Interiors. They came up with this name because they made beautiful picture frames, and we all know that if you have ever been framed, you know you need an alibi. This is how Alibi Interiors’ was built.

Building more than 2,000 pieces a month, their creations have been brought to people all across Kansas, Japan, and around the globe. They utilize their unique approach of selling not just to individual people. In fact, they are making sure they are zooming through in today’s retail industry by selling frames wholesale to galleries and print shops, having pop up shops at craft fairs, and even via their website online. They just love the excitement that can be found when you are peacefully creating picture frames and seeing someone online located in New York just bought a frame.

Technology has really been on their side allowing them to have a full business from their home. Building their website using Weebly and an online payment processor like Square is what has allowed for them to truly build their brand from the comfort of their home. What they love is that they can sell a frame right off the bat with this technology if they have the app on their phone, so this gives them the chance truly connect with people.

Technology is what brought this business to the next level, and there is no stopping others to building their brands with the power of the technology available to everybody.