Large Amounts of Vitamin B Linked to Lung Cancer

A recent study was conducted that consisted of 77,000 men in the state of Washington. This study looked at the risk of developing lung cancer. During this study, certain participants regularly used various B vitamin supplements. The results of this study were especially shocking for male smokers that use vitamin B supplements. In this post, you will learn what the results of this study were and its implications for the supplement industry.

The results of this study found that men who regularly took large amounts of vitamin B6 and B12 had a high risk of developing lung cancer. What was less surprising was that increased risks of lung cancer were found in current cigarette smokers. CNN reports the participants with the highest risk of lung cancer were smokers who use vitamin B supplementation. Another interesting result from this study came from how the participants ingested vitamins. Results found that men obtaining vitamins from a single supplement were 30-40% more likely to develop lung cancer versus using a multivitamin.

Many feel that the world of dietary supplementation needs regulating. Experts fear that there aren’t many real guidelines in place in the world of dietary supplements. A consumer can find three different vitamin supplements, all of which may have different minimum amounts per serving. Many consumers become confused and end up risk having a potential vitamin overdose. Vitamin B is notable for helping aid many processes within the human body when used in the right amounts.

In closing, a recent study was conducted among a group of men. The results of this study indicate that men taking vitamin B supplements are at a higher risk of developing lung cancer. Additional results found that male smokers using vitamin B supplements are much more likely to develop cancer in the lungs. Both vitamin B6 and B12 were most notable for increasing the risk of lung cancer. Many people feel that potential vitamin overdoses could be fixed through tighter supplement industry regulations. Some were quick to point out that other studies find vitamin B to be beneficial for lung cancer. The experts behind this study feel the collection methods could be responsible for these new and vastly different results.