The Democratic Race for 2020

According to information released by aides of California Senator Kamala Harris, they are well prepared for next year’s mid-terms. They say that the fund-raisers that they held in Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard this summer are geared towards supporting the Democratic Party. At the same time, aides of Joe Biden, the former vice president say that they are preparing by building an email list. On their part, this list will enhance communications with their supporters. Tim Ryan from Ohio has also not been left behind in this race. He explains that he has been travelling between New Hampshire and Iowa to make the Democratic dream a reality. However, political analysts suggest that the full fund-raising calendars, early trips as well as brisk political spending is a sign that the Democrats are preparing for more than mid-terms. The Democrats are gearing for the 2020 elections. Asked about the issue in an interview, operatives affiliated with the Democratic Party, fund-raisers and donors said that this is the first time that the Democrats have started campaigning early. They also agreed that this could be a sign that the party is fed up with the current administration. The current campaign is an indication that the Democrats feel that they can topple the current regime come 2020.

However, the early campaigning may be due to other reasons. The nominations for the 2020 Democratic candidate could be the most crowded and the longest in years. Also, some analysts say that it could be the most expensive nomination in the Democratic Party history. One of the donors who talked about the issue is Marc Lasry, the Wall Street billionaire. He said that the Democrats used to approach him for support two years before the elections. However, this has come six months after the elections. He terms the move as ridiculous. At the moment, everybody feels that they can defeat President Trump in polls. The billionaire on his part feels that it is too early for this and they need a clear message to sell to the Americans. At the moment, close to 20 candidates have expressed their desire for the candidacy. For most of these candidates, they will have to survive the 2018 mid-term re-elections. No candidate is facing any serious challenge and donors will take this opportunity to watch the turn of events. Notable people who are eying nominations include Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and New York Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand.