The Osteo Relief Institute Discusses Facts About Arthritis

The Osteo Relief Institute of New Jersey specializes in the most technologically advanced treatment options in existence today for patients dealing with the devastating effects of arthritis. Whether an individual is looking for relief from pain or simply wants to get back to a lifestyle more similar to what they experienced before being diagnosed, the Osteo Relief Institute can provide solutions to enhance the lives of patients everywhere. If you are living in the New Jersey area or are willing to travel, the Osteo Relief Institute could be the answer you are looking for in controlling your arthritis symptoms.

Understanding Arthritis

Arthritis is exceedingly common today among all age groups and across both genders. Still, many people do not fully understand what arthritis is and what significance it can have on the daily life of those affected. Arthritis is not just one disease but is a broad term that covers hundreds of different types of diseases that affect the joints and can lead to systemic problems within the body. It is estimated that over 350 million people worldwide are affected by various forms of arthritis, and over 21 million of those people are in the United States alone. Different forms of arthritis can create different symptoms depending on the type being referenced. Symptoms can also vary somewhat between patients and can change at different points of time during the course of the illness. The following paragraphs will discuss some of the most common types of arthritis and what options you have if you’ve recently been diagnosed.

Common Forms of Arthritis

Osteoarthritis remains one of the most common forms of this group of diseases. It is the form that immediately comes to mind when most people think about arthritis. Osteoarthritis most commonly affects older men and women and is very common among the elderly population. It is believed that osteoarthritis occurs when age-related processes result in a wearing away of the protective cartilage that lines all of our joints. This cartilage creates a cushion between the bones of the joints and protects them from rubbing directly against each other. When this protective layer of cartilage wears away, the bones of the joints can rub together which results in inflammation, pain, and the other symptoms commonly associated with arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another common form of this class of diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis is different in that it is considered an autoimmune disease where the body attacks its own joints. This attack on the joints results in inflammation, deformities and severe pain. The effects of rheumatoid arthritis can be much more severe than those experienced with osteoarthritis, and some patients can end up severely crippled or even in a wheelchair without proper treatment.

Psoriatic arthritis is also considered an autoimmune form of this classification of diseases. It results from the body attacking its own tissues, creating an ongoing syndrome of inflammation, pain, stiff joints, and a lack of normal joint mobility.

Understanding Signs and Symptoms

Many of the symptoms associated with arthritic conditions overlap. The most common symptoms found throughout the different types of arthritis are joint pain, swelling, inflammation, stiffness within the joints, an abnormal range of motion, and overall fatigue. Pain is not usually constant with these diseases. The pain can be worse some days than others and can also seem to move around to different areas of the body, affecting different joints at different times.

Risk Factors for Development of Arthritis

There are a wide variety of risk factors associated with the potential for developing various forms of arthritis. For one thing, there is a slightly increased risk for arthritis development in women than there is in men. Increased age always bring a significantly higher risk of arthritis development, as it is more common in older individuals. Previous traumatic events or accidents can create damage to bones and joints that can lead to the future development of arthritis. Carrying excess weight, even if it’s just an extra 20 pounds, can also result in a significantly greater chance of developing various forms of arthritis. Last but certainly not least, a family history of the disease can result in a higher likelihood of you developing at least one form of arthritis as well.

What You Can Do if You’ve Been Diagnosed

There are a variety of options to consider if you’ve recently been diagnosed with a form of arthritis. Many patients first opt to try self-help treatment options aimed at reducing the severity of their symptoms and making their condition more manageable. If needed, there are also many medical and surgical options available as well.

Self-help treatment options include various forms of exercise, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain relieving medications, loss of weight, and several other lifestyle improvements. Mild forms of exercise such as walking and swimming are recommended for arthritis sufferers because they don’t create additional stress on the joints that can worsen existing symptoms. Losing weight if needed can take extra stress off the joints, leading to a reduction in pain and swelling. Additionally, if an arthritis sufferer is also a smoker, the act of stopping smoking can also reduce symptoms and keep the condition from worsening.

Medical options vary greatly and can include everything from prescription medications, steroid injections, physical therapy, operations, and much more. Many patients opt to reserve invasive medical procedures such as joint replacements and other surgeries for a last resort method of treatment. Because all forms of medical treatments come with at least some degree of risk, the benefits and risks of each must be discussed with an experienced medical professional in advance.

Osteo Relief Institute

The Osteo Relief Institute is a well-known medical centered in the New Jersey area dedicated to treating patients suffering from a wide variety of joint diseases including different forms of arthritis. The Osteo Relief Institute places primary focus on the integrative treatment of the patient and has their best interests at heart.

Utilizing the most state-of-the-art treatment options available today, the Osteo Relief Institute provides arthritis sufferers with a number of options to choose from in their treatment plan (Manta). The Osteo Relief Institute believes that relief is possible without resorting to invasive procedures such as surgeries. They thus attempt to exhaust all possible modern treatment options before resorting to invasive procedures that naturally come with a greater degree of risk.

The Osteo Relief Institute is a leader in the field of arthritis and joint disease treatment, providing their unique services to patients from all over the United States. Located in the New Jersey area, the Osteo Relief Institute believes that being able to completely trust the medical professionals involved in your care is one of the most important aspects of comprehensive treatment modalities ( Therefore, the experienced medical staff at the Osteo Relief Institute puts their patient’s comfort and specific needs before all else. Contact their offices today to schedule a consultation to discover if you are a good candidate for their targeted treatment options.