Washington State Lawmakers Wants 2020 Candidates To Show Five Years Of Tax Returns

Mr. Trump had a tough weekend in his White House tweeting nest. He got into the Boeing debacle and made that worse before he went on his weekend tweet escapade. Trump didn’t want to ground the Boeing 737-8 Super Max fleet. One of his big campaign donors is the CEO of Boeing. Trump tried to soften the blow of the stock hit Boeing would take despite the rest of the world grounded the rest of that fleet. The move proves money over people is Trump’s choice every time, according to anonymous sources.

When it came time to pay his respects to New Zealand, he tried to do it without revealing the white supremacy tattoo he has on his calf. Several news sources say Trump attempt to express sincere condolences was an epic fail. Even the alleged guilty Australian said Trump was one of his superheroes. Trump told the press the white supremacists are not as active as they used to be. The number of incidents involving that group tells a different story.

John McCain was Trump first weekend tweet-prey even though Senator McCain is elsewhere these days. That old British spy report from Christopher Steele reared its ugly head again and Trump blames McCain for giving the report to James Comey in the first place. The Steele Dossier is an unverified account of Trump having hooker fun in Moscow while the Russians he wanted to make a business deal with passed their notes about the party to Putin. Putin allegedly wanted U.S. sanctions lifted, and the Steele report indicates Trump might have known and was okay with doing that if he got the chance.

Then the Trumpster tried to push Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors around, but Mary wasn’t haven’t Trump for a Saturday brunch and vomit session. Barra told the president, GM and the UAW would decide what to do with the closed Ohio factory. By that time Trump’s thumbs were ready to rumble, but Barra politely told him to butt out.

The president is ready to hit the campaign trail and do a couple of those rallies where fantasy and fables are born. But some states may not want Trump on their ballot in 2020 if he doesn’t release some tax info before then, according to the Independent, a British publication.

According to the article, there’s a bill circulating through the state house that would require candidates to release the last five years of their tax returns if they wanted their name on the ballot. New Jersey also has a similar bill floating through their state house.