Bright Sight Seen Across Night Sky

Several people who live in Michigan and surrounding states reported seeing meteors across the sky earlier in the week. Video footage reveals bright lights in the sky as well as loud booms that can be heard. NASA believes that a large meteor shower caused these sights and sounds. There could also be meteorites on the ground in some locations. Even though there were smaller flashes seen in the sky, there is one large fireball that had people concerned.

The large fireball was seen and heard shortly after 8 p.m. close to Detroit. The American Meteor Society has reviewed footage and has come to the conclusion that this incident was one large fireball that broke apart once it entered the atmosphere. The meteor was slow to move across the sky, which was why so many people were able to see and hear it instead of it streaking across like most meteors. The rock was likely large in size compared to most since it was so bright. As the rock broke apart, residents heard the boom outside.

Scientists have reviewed radar images and feel that residents saw what is considered a classic meteorite falling through the sky. Some neighborhoods saw brightness at night comparable to a full moon or the sun. A 2.0 earthquake was registered in the area because of the strength of the meteorite. The sight was seen in states that include Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois. Social media pages were flooded with pictures and videos shortly after the sighting. Many people weren’t sure what they had heard or seen, but after examining the videos, viewers were able to determine that it was likely a meteor of some kind. Pieces of the meteorite, if they are found, could be worth about $300 per gram. The material is rare, and it allows for scientists to study the material if pieces are discovered.