Mounting Pressure for the Washington Beacon and GPS Fusion

Reports have emerged that a conservative website known as the Washington Free Beacon hired the same research firm that released information about the ties between the Russian government and Donald Trump. However, this happened some few months after the Free Beacon hired the research firm. The New York Times can ascertain that the Washington Free Beacon receives most of its funding from a Republican donor. The website for many years has been funded by Paul Singer who is a billionaire hedge fund manager from New York. It has been revealed that the website hired a research firm known as Fusion GPS back in 2015 with the main task being to find the damaging information that would jeopardize some of the Republican presidential candidates back then. This also included finding information about Donald Trump. When it became apparent that Donald Trump would become the Republican nominee for the president, the conservative website requested the firm to stop the investigations involving Donald Trump. Later on, the firm was hired by the Democratic National Committee as well as Hilary Clinton’s campaign. This is how the firm managed to uncover information between Donald Trump and the Russian government. At the same time, the Free Beacon informed the House Intelligence Committee on Friday that it’s still involved with Fusion GPS.

For starters, the intelligence committee happens to be one of the many committees that is involved with the investigations whether the Russians interfered with the US elections. While people knew all along that Fusion GPS was first hired by the Republican Party, the source of their funding remained unclear. The Republicans including president Trump had to come with terms this week that they had hired the same firm as the Democrats. Later on, the president issued a statement condemning the Democrats for funding the process. Fusion GPS is a research firm that was established by Wall Street Journal employees. At the moment, the information of most of their clients remains unknown. This is why the founder of the company known as Glenn Simpson is under increasing pressure from Senate Republicans to produce the documents involved in the investigation. On their part, the Free Beacon website announced that they are not involved in the investigation. This was done through its chairman Michael Goldfarb and editor Mathew Continetti. They said that their involvement with GPS Fusion was based on documents that were available to the public. They further insist that they didn’t pay for the investigations.