Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents

Situated in the United Kingdom, Sussex Healthcare offers cutting-edge services for individuals who are experiencing neurological conditions, dementia, numerous types of brain injuries, various disabilities and multiple sclerosis, and the company provides services for older individuals who require frequent care. The business manages 20 sizable homes, and the organization can create delicious meals, offer 24/7 services, recommend treatments that are associated with hydrotherapy, manage activities for residents who enjoy music, organize games that may substantially improve an individual’s memory and help guests who are interested in crafts.

Caring for Individuals Who Are Experiencing Neurological Conditions

Many residents frequently engage in activities that can significantly improve reflexes, and numerous reports have suggested that similar games may enhance critical thinking and reduce tension that might affect certain joints. Sussex Healthcare’s expert staff also organize sessions that let residents create various types of crafts. Furthermore, the inhabitants can select activities that prompt the residents to evaluate various types of art and music that may be related to numerous genres.

Helping Individuals Who Are Experiencing Dementia

Our experts manage activities that encourage our guests to reminisce, and the residents can create descriptions of numerous memories, view photographs that are related to many events, watch multiple enjoyable videos and respond to questions that help guests who are describing cherished memories. Sometimes, family members also engage in these activities, and the relatives of some inhabitants indicated that the sessions can tremendously improve memory and enhance well-being.

Cooking Delicious Meals for the Residents

The facility contains a sizable kitchen and an especially large dining room, and some of the lodges also have independent kitchens. Our experienced chefs frequently create a wide variety of dishes that our guests can enjoy. The skilled cooks generally use ingredients that come from local companies and nearby farms. Additionally, the residents can view a detailed menu that describes the meals that the chefs will cook during each month.

Improving Memory and Stimulating Critical Thinking

Sussex Healthcare regularly organizes activities that encourage residents to complete numerous types of quizzes. These short tests feature interesting questions that may be associated with history, activities that have recently entertained some residents, geography and numerous types of music. Various studies have shown that enjoyable quizzes can tremendously stimulate the production of numerous types of neurotransmitters and induce the formation of new neurons.


The company frequently organizes games that encourage residents to move their limbs, and these exercises could enhance flexibility, reduce soreness and improve well-being. Some reports have suggested that the treatments may decrease numerous symptoms that neurological conditions can cause, and the exercises could substantially improve an individual’s coordination.

The Fitness Center

If you choose the services that Sussex Healthcare offers, you may visit a cutting-edge gym that was constructed during the last three years. The fitness center features stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, free weights and machines with cables. Moreover, each guest can participate in group classes that may tremendously increase endurance and improve an individual’s reaction time.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Many residents commonly engage in activities that involve aromatherapy, and numerous studies have suggested that aromatherapy may cause the brain to release extra endorphins that can notably boost an individual’s focus and increase energy. Furthermore, aromatherapy may substantially decrease the production of cortisol, which is a hormone that could cause stress and reduce energy.

Visiting the Spa

Sussex Healthcare’s facility features a luxurious spa and a sizable pool, and if residents participate in activities that are related to hydrotherapy, the sessions may decrease stiffness, reduce soreness, improve endurance and facilitate social bonds. When guests visit the spa, experts can offer manicures, pedicures and various types of massages that could tremendously reduce tension.

Managing the Business

Born in 1950, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a member of the company’s board of directors, and he is an entrepreneur who has contributed to various businesses that offer services for individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injuries. The expert is a professor at a major university that is situated in Europe, and he oversees a sizable group of professors who manage more than 14 classes.

Shiraz Boghani is a joint chairman of the company’s board of directors, and Mr. Boghani is the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, which currently manages 20 hotels. In London, the organization created a hotel that contains more than 256 suites and a large spa. Throughout the last three decades, Shiraz Boghani has organized at least 25 projects that are related to the hospitality industry, and he is a well-known consultant at the Aga Khan University. During 2016, Shiraz Boghani received an award from an organization that evaluates hotels and some types of nursing homes.

Choosing Sussex Healthcare

If you have questions about the services that Sussex Healthcare offers, you can examine descriptions of services for residents who are experiencing dementia, activities that are ideal for guests who are suffering from neurological conditions, a video for individuals who are evaluating the organization’s services and a description of the company’s history. In order to schedule a consultation, you may complete the organization’s contact form, or you can submit another form that helps guests to offer referrals.