Why you should Take Sick Leave

Elle Fraser says that she works for the New Jersey Devils as a business operations assistant. She remembers her situation last year when she had a flu, and she couldn’t embrace the idea of staying at home while other worked. She said that since the hockey team had two home games on Friday and Wednesday, she couldn’t figure out how the others would manage without her. She says that even a 103-degrees fever could not have prevented her from going to work. She remembers how she toughed it out. She told her co-workers that she was using mittens with the tickets because she was under the weather. This didn’t prevent her from wiping every surface she touched while at the same time falling asleep at the desk. At the same time, she had to endure alternating sweats and chills. She managed to work from 8 am to 9 pm that day. Then on Thanksgiving Day, she had an opportunity of sleeping the whole day only to return to work on Friday worse than she was on Wednesday. Nevertheless, Ms. Fraser had an opportunity of calling in a sick leave, but she says that she didn’t have a choice. She further says that when you are sick, and you turn up for work, no one tries to convince you to go home. While some people may see her case as selflessness and hard work, others might accuse her of needlessly exposing others to an illness.

Many doctors feel that sick workers especially the ones suffering from the flu should use their sick days leave. However, doctors say that they realize that most Americans won’t get paid when they take sick leave. They say that those that have an opportunity should take it without a second thought. A doctor at Mayo Clinic in Rochester known as Dr. Pritish K. Tosh says that whenever you feel like staying at home when you are sick, you should not have a second guess. He reminds Americans that it’s not always about an individual at your place of work. What some people don’t realize is that they might endure a miserable week when they have the flu. The situation might turn out to be deadly for other people. Those that might be affected most are pregnant women as well as young children. Furthermore, don’t get confused with the precautions you take as they might never be enough for the people around you.