James B. Comey Tweets for the First Time in Months

James B. Comey has re-appeared after months of seclusion. Going by photos that were posted on his official Twitter account, the former FBI director appears contemplative and pensive. The photos have been taken in rural Iowa with a cornfield in the background. It has become apparent that the former FBI director is writing a book. One of the major themes from his book is the experience he had while working for the government. James B. Comey was fired back in May by President Trump when he disagreed with his boss on a number of issues. Since then, the former FBI director has disappeared from the public spotlight. The only time he made an appearance to the public was the moment he was appearing before the congressional committee to talk about his reign as the FBI director and what transpired between him and the president. The White House and particularly Donald Trump has offered conflicting reasons as to why James B. Comey was ousted as the FBI director. Most importantly, the White House insists he was fired for handling Russian interference with the US elections poorly. Another account says that he was fired for the way that he handled the scandal that involved the private email server of Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of State.

Since he was fired, a special counsel has been appointed to look into these issues. It’s important to note that James B. Comey does not tweet using his own name. Instead, he uses the nemesis Reinhold Neibuhr. For starters, this is an ancient American theologian. His association with James B. Comey is that the former FBI director wrote a thesis about him after studying about him at the College of William & Mary. For instance, the former director had a picture on Sunday that showed bird formation in a blue sky. In the past, his Twitter account was a private account. Back then, he used a Twitter handle @projecttextile7. However, he uses the handle @FormerBu today. While Twitter through their spokesman refused to confirm whether the account belonged to James B. Comey, the authentication of the account was confirmed by his close friend Benjamin Wittes. He has rarely used the social media account unlike the current president of the United States. For instance, since 30th March, James B. Comey has only tweeted six times. While he only follows 29 people, the former director has over 40,000 followers. He is followed by well-known FBI agents.