Trump Says “I’m Not A Feminist”

In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Donald Trump said that he would not categorize himself as a feminist. He says that he does not consider himself to be just supportive of women, but also supportive of men and just everyone in general. He went on to tell CNN that he believes that everyone “just has to go out there and win” and that “women are doing great, and I’m very happy about that”.

Piers Morgan had asked the President about his stance on the thousands upon thousands of women who took to US streets during the women’s marches to protest his administration. The President brushed this off by saying that there are always going to be marches, but that the one this year was a lot smaller than the one from the year prior.

Donald Trump has been rather hurt by the marches in some ways, at least according to the kind of tweets that he has put out on the matter. He has made comments on Twitter that women should get out and march to show how happy they were that unemployment for women is the lowest that it has been in decades. This of course was his way of trolling the march and making a mockery of it.

The President did confirm to Piers Morgan that the tweets sent out from his account are really him. However, the President also said that on occasion he hands over the Twitter account to other people and that they do some of the tweeting for him. He even said that his lawyer did at least one of the tweets. This being in keeping with a line that the White House has been pushing about the President’s Twitter account.

Trump stated that he generally tweets out early in the morning before the day has really started to begin. After that, he says that he is too busy with everything going on and that he sometimes just has to dictate things out to his people to write down for him.

The President says that if he did not have his social media accounts that he would have to hold press conferences all day long to defend himself rather than just rebuffing what others say about him on social media. These are the types of reasons why he believes that his social media account is so important to him personally, and to the work that he does as President. It is definitely an interesting take on the modern presidency.