Ways in Which Trump has Sabotaged America

We can all agree that few Republicans have lived to the task of opposing President Trump’s ideas or publicly denouncing some of the statement that he makes. At the same time, it has emerged that some legislators are using the opportunity to pass the policies that they have desired in years. All they have to do is remain silent and not to question the president of the United States. For those that can remember, Donald Trump said during his inauguration ceremony that his presidency would be a presidency that works effortlessly to transfer power to people from Washington. However, the president hasn’t lived up to this promise as he is transferring power from Washington to serve special interests. He is also transferring the power to the chemical industry, fossil fuel companies as well as to the Wall Street. On Tuesday night, the Senate voted against a bill that would have allowed Americans to sue financial institutions such as credit cards firms and banks. When the vote tied at 50-50, Vice President Mike Pence voted in favor of the Republican Party. This is a regulation that had been designed to deal with the fraud cases that have become common in the financial industry. Instead, the Trump administration still wants these cases to be settled privately in arbitration instead of law courts.

Sabotage of Health Care
Following the failure to repeal and replace the Obamacare, the Republican Party through President Trump decided to sabotage the health care sector by issuing an executive order. For starters, this executive order gave insurance companies the power to sell premiums that don’t protect Americans who have pre-existing conditions. This was a direct effort by the president to destabilize the Obamacare. At the same time, the president issued a statement warning that the government would stop making payments to insurers. This is a direct violation of the 2010 law that requires the government to make these payments. As a result, middle-class families are likely to hurt as insurance premiums will most likely shoot. At the same time, the Trump administration has taken a shot at the companies that deal with no-cost birth control. The administration is targeting the people with moral and religious objections. In the environment sector, the administration has not been left behind. Other than hiring specialists that deny the existence of climate change, the Environmental Protection Agency has made it clear that it wants to repeal the Clean Power Plan.